ZKTeco EC10 Elevator Control Panel

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ZKTeco AS31 Door or Window Sensor

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ZKTeco MF01 Mifare UHF Card

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Latest Price on ZKTeco Access Control Items in Bangladesh

ZKTeco, a global Chinese brand formed in 1985, strives to provide comprehensive services to global public sector, enterprise, and personal consumers. They provide biometric and hybrid identification systems, which are now widely in use in Bangladesh due to the rising businesses and day to day necessities.

Different Models of ZKTeco Access Control Products at Computer Village

Budget Friendly: ZKTeco K50-A, ZKTeco K40 etc.

Mid Range: ZKTeco MB360, ZKTeco MB300, ZKTeco MB2000 etc. 

High Performance: ZKTeco Inbio260 Pro, ZKTeco SFace900, ZKTeco iClock 990, and many more

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Where to Buy ZKTeco Access Control Products in Bangladesh

If you are undecided about the ZKTeco access control product to choose for your security needs, please contact us and one of our specialists will gladly advise you. You can either check our website for the quickest delivery to your doorstep or visit one of our locations for a firsthand assessment before making a purchase.