Logitech G29 Driving Force Gaming Racing Wheel
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Joysticks and Steering Wheels Price in Bangladesh

The joystick is an aid for controlling the cursor in video games and assistive technologies. The steering wheel is a peripheral gaming controller for driving or racing games. A joystick is a device that allows a user to control a computer, tablet, or another device by moving a stick on a pivoting base. When playing video games, people use joysticks, typically featuring one or more buttons that the computer can read.

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Advantages of Using Joysticks and Steering Wheels

  • Handy to use: It helps play computer and video games. It has a relatively quick user interface. 

  • Simple functionality: It is effortless to use, even for beginners. It is less challenging to find your way around.

  • 3D Control: The control is in three dimensions (three dimensions).

  • Quick and Fast: They offer transient interactions, which are essential in most games, and as a result, they are employed in games like racing and flying types, among others.

Joysticks and Steering Wheels Brands Offered at Computer Village

  • Logitech G29 Driving Force Gaming Racing Wheel


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