Lenovo IdeaCentre 307 10th Gen i5 Brand PC
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Dell Inspiron 3670 Mid Tower 9th Gen Core i5 Brand PC
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Latest Prices on Gaming PC in Bangladesh

A gaming PC, also popularly known as a gaming computer, is a dedicated personal computer developed mainly for playing immersive video games. These PCs are distinguishable from typical personal computers due to their high-performance graphic cards and high-core-count central processor units with raw performance.

Computer Village provides gaming PCs from a wide range of trustworthy and high-quality vendors from across the world. You may promptly request and purchase your desired low-cost and high-end products due to frequent stock updates.

Advantages of a Gaming PC

  • A dedicated graphics card focused on game graphics processing to ensure a surreal gaming experience

  • Advanced CPU for high-speed game computation

  • Bigger RAM for the bandwidth of complex running programs such as HD games

  • Improved cooling system as modern games have a longer gameplay which puts much load on the computer

  • Faster response time in monitors

Gaming PC Brands and Models Available at Computer Village

  • Lenovo IdeaCentre 307 10th Gen i5 Brand PC

  • Dell Inspiron 3670 Mid Tower 9th Gen Core i5 Brand PCc

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By visiting our website and scrolling down to the "Desktop PC" area, you can select gaming PC models from well-known global manufacturers within your desired budget. You can also visit one of our stores in Dhaka or Chittagong for a personal examination. Our website's phone numbers will connect you with a member of our staff who will gladly give you guaranteed authentic products at unbelievably low prices!

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