F&D T60X Bluetooth Tower Speaker

৳17,200 On Sale
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F&D W19 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

৳3,500 On Sale
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F&D W8 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

৳2,200 On Sale
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F&D A180X Bluetooth 2:1 Speaker

৳4,400 On Sale
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F&D RB60BT Bluetooth HD Quality Speaker
F&D Multimedia R27BT Bluetooth Speaker
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Buy F&D Speaker at best Price in Bangladesh from Village BD

Looking for amazing speakers with the latest audio technologies and outstanding performance? Check out the F&D speakers at Computer Village. 

F&D has been in the Bangladesh market for more than one decade. We have a large selection of quality speakers from budget to premium segments. They are sincerely committed to providing the best devices with powerful audio technology. 

Why the F&D Speakers are Popular in Bangladesh?

  • F&D has over a decade of experience in producing high-quality speakers.  

  • Offers tons of modern features. 

  • Available in a wide range of prices. 

  • High-density MDF subwoofers for natural sound.

  • Attractive designs and colors.

Available F&D Speakers in Our Branches:

  • Soundbar Speakers: F&D HT330, F&D T388

  • Trolley Speakers: F&D T2, F&D T5

  • Portable Speakers: F&D W40, F&D W19, F&D W15, F&D W24, F&D W7, F&D W8, F&D R27BT 2.0

  • 2.1 Speakers: F&D F190X, F&D A521X, F&D F203G (wired), F&D F770X, F&D F580X, etc.

  • 4.1 Speaker: F&D F7700X 

  • 5.1 Speakers: F&D F3000X, F&D F3800X, F&D F6000X

Computer Village provides the latest F&D speakers with warranties at the best prices in Bangladesh. Shop online from anywhere in Bangladesh via our website. To ensure you get the best user experience, we always maintain reliable customer support. 

You’re welcome to call us for more information.