Dahua XVR1B04H 4 Channel Penta-brid XVR

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Hikvision 7116HQHI-K1 16 Channel HD 1080p DVR

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Dahua XVR5432L-X 32 Channel Penta-brid XVR
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Dahua XVR5416L-X 16 Channel Penta-brid XVR
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Dahua XVR5232AN-X 32 Channel Penta-brid XVR
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Dahua XVR5216AN-X 16 Channel Penta-brid XVR
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DVR Price In Bangladesh

Digital surveillance cameras are necessary to be safe in our homes and private properties. Digital Video Recorder, otherwise known as a DVR, is an analog camera that transfers footage in a digital format that can be stored. All of DVR’s footage is stored locally. They are connected to the analog cameras via cables and contain internal hard disks and software.

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Features of DVR

  • DVRs are directly connected to analog cameras.

  • They are closed-circuit.

  • They take analog pictures.

  • The footage is processed in the recorder.

  • The captured footage is stored on a hard disk.

Advantages of DVR system

  • DVR is budget-friendly when compared to other forms of CCTV systems. That makes it easier if you do not want to spend a lot. That is why they are also used by a lot of small businesses. 

  • DVR system is easy to set up. 

  • As DVR works through cable, it can be set up anywhere with only one necessity- power. That means you do not have to worry about internet connection or the risk of your system getting hacked.

  • The DVR footage is instantly available for viewing because it stores the recorded footage on a hard disk.

DVR Brands Offered In Computer Village

  • Hikvision DS-7104NI-Q1/M 4 Channel (1HDD UP TO 6TB) NVR

  • Hikvision S-7104HGHI-F1 04 Channel HD 720p TVI DVR

  • Dahua XVR5232AN-X 32 Channel Penta-brid XVR

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