Digipod TR-472 Camera Tripod

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Digipod TR-564 Camera Tripod

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A camera tripod is one of the most advantageous accessories for a photographer or videographer to stabilize their shots. If you are looking for the best camera tripods for shooting high-detail portraits, landscapes, close-ups, or highly stable videos, our newest Digipod camera tripods are for you! 

Digipod tripods provide secure and stable support for your camera, allowing you to capture images with slower shutter speeds. You will truly appreciate them when you would use them for long exposures, traffic trails, smooth panning, or any other effects where you require rock-solid support of a tripod. 

You can also use these sturdy tripods for your studios. Our long-lasting and lightweight Digipod tripods are made of aluminium and weigh around 1.5 kg. So you can easily carry them while you are travelling. We have Digipod camera tripods of different heights and price ranges.

Available Digipod Tripods at Our Shops:

Digipod TR-472 Camera Tripod, Digipod TR-564 Camera Tripod

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