Buy High-Quality CMX PA Speakers at the Best Price in Bangladesh!

CMX is renowned in Bangladesh for incredible PA audio devices, which include PA systems, microphones, speakers, amplifiers, and accessories. CMX speakers and conference microphones are always appreciated for high build quality and spectacular performances. Currently, we have some of the best deals for CMX microphones and speakers in Bangladesh. 

Why CMX PA Audio Devices Are Popular?

  • Ideal for outdoor, indoor, and corporate environments. 

  • Meets all scales of commercial needs. 

  • Outstanding performance. 

  • CMX conference microphones can pick up voices from a distance. 

  • Quality builds and finish. 

Currently, we have some of the most popular CMX microphones and speakers in our stores. and we are offering the best prices. Check out our product list to find out the ones you are seeking!

Our CMX Audio Devices for You:

  • Wall Mount Speaker: CMX WSK-640C 2-Way, CMX WSK-610P

  • Ceiling Speaker: CMX CSK-610Q, CMX CSK-66E

  • Column Speaker: CMX CLSK-20C, CMX CLSK-10C

  • Outdoor Horn Speaker: CMX HSK-15T

  • Microphones: CMX UHF-300DU, CMX UHF-300CU.

  • Amplifiers: CMX EA 350A PA, CMX EA-240A PA, CMX EA-30 PA

  • Other Devices: CMX UHF-300MC Battery Charger, CMX UHF-300MC Master Controller, CMX IRCS806 Rechargeable Lithium Battery, CMX DU-50 Driver Unit

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