A4 Tech Bloody B500N Grey Mecha-Like Neon Backlit Gaming Keyboard
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A4Tech Bloody B885N Light Strike USB Gaming Keyboard
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A4Tech B180R RGB Gaming Keyboard
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A4Tech B180R RGB Gaming Keyboard

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A4Tech Bloody Q135 Illuminate Gaming Keyboard
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Latest Deals for A4Tech Gaming Keyboards in Bangladesh

One of the dominant computer hardware and electronics companies, A4Tech, has been leading in the game for over 30 years. With utmost reputation, they have been manufacturing gaming peripherals whilst maintaining top notch quality and durability of their products. Their huge fan base across the globe, including Bangladesh, is the ultimate proof of their trustworthiness.

Whether it is a gaming keyboard, a headset, or a mouse, A4Tech has never compromised their quality and will continue to do so.

A4Tech Gaming Keyboards at Computer Village

When it comes to A4Tech, Computer Village has a massive display of their gaming accessories, especially keyboards! Some of the models available at our disposal include the A4Tech Bloody series keyboards, their secondary PC gaming brand. 

The A4Tech Bloody B500N which is ahead of its game with some spectacular specifications comes in a very affordable budget. Besides, the A4Tech Bloody B820R is a mechanical keyboard which comes with RGB full light feature and remains in a mid range budget. However, the A4Tech Bloody B760 backlit keyboard also contains such amazing details, but at a cheaper price than the B820R. 

Grab Online Offer Prices for A4Tech Gaming Keyboards in Bangladesh

To check out the entire collection of A4Tech gaming keyboards, simply visit our website and check out the “Gaming Peripherals” category. You will get to choose from a huge library of products at Computer Village. For an in-person purchase, feel free to visit our stores in Dhaka or Chittagong and get great deals!